Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Here is a preview of prepositions. Your assignment is to write 5 sentences that have no prepositional phrases. The next step is to edit your sentences by adding prepositional phases. Post your sentences as a comment. Be creative!

Monday, September 28, 2009

We are trying to figure out how to upload videos so we can post lessons to our blogs if we are ever home sick with kids!... how cool is that!!! Sorry, but this is the only video I had on my computer. It is a commercial some of the kids made in Speech class....... or part of it!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speech: How I plan to make a differnece


Hello speech class.... today you are going to be writing a speech on how you plan to make a difference(before you panic I have posted an example speech below, it is not finished b/c I have not talked about the 3 pts. in my thesis statement... I will finish it before presentation day, though!). There are many different avenues you make take with this speech. The first thing you need to think of is this.... what is something that really bothers you- it might be at school, home, or worldwide. Then ponder how you can make a difference, or change this annoyance? Put a lot of thought into it. Will you make a difference in someones life by changing your actions, will you make a difference by pursuing a career, or will you make a difference by standing up for what is right? The possibilities are endless. I have labeled some of the basic elements of a speech. For extra credit, see if you can use some of these elements and label them too. Have fun!! BTW.... most importantly, the presented speech must be one and a half min. long! You will be graded on presentation skills, effort, and organization of speech... now, have fun!

How I Plan to Make a Difference!
Two boys were walking down the shores of a beautiful beach examining the sand after the high tide had receded back to its normal resting place. As they walked the boys noticed that there were hundreds of little Starfish scattered up and down the shoreline. After many steps, one of the boys bent down and picked up a Starfish, examined it, and knew that without water the Starfish would perish. Without thinking the boy threw the Starfish back into the water. Continuing on with the walk, the boy continued to stoop down, pickup a Starfish, and returned it back to the water. After seeing the repeated action, over and over again, the second boy asked, “What are you doing? Why are continually bending over, picking up a Starfish, and throwing it back into the water?” The reply was simple, “ I am saving the lives of these Starfish”. With an arrogant laugh, the boy teased, “You’re crazy! There are hundreds of Starfish, and hundreds of miles of beach, and there is no way you can make a difference.” Continuing with his work, the little boy reached down, picked up a Starfish, and threw it back into the water and said, “It sure made a difference to that one.” (attention getter/introduction should also set the tone/mood)

I remember the first time I heard this story; I was a little girl sitting in Sunday School trying to imagine how this story would ever apply to my life. But now, 20 years later, I often find this story coming back into my mind. I want to be the little boy who diligently picked up the helpless Starfish and returned them back to the water. (thesis statement) I want to make a difference being a teacher, by being a mother and by being the little boy that saw the opportunity to make a difference, even when others saw failure.

I plan to make a difference as a teacher. I often feel that my job is the same as that little boy’s who was walking down the shoreline picking up fish. I often see children that have been taken here, taken there, or just left alone to tend to themselves. Often times these children feel as helpless as the beached Starfish(simile); they have no control as to where the waters take them. This is where my opportunity to make a difference is manifested. In order to help change the world, I plan to help these children find there way back to the waters that make them feel successful, respected and appreciated (climatic ordering). I plan to give these students hope for a better life even when they are constantly surrounded with darkness. I plan to make difference by setting a positive example to all the children that I come in contact with. I want to show them that with a positive attitude and a smile, all things are possible. Most importantly, I want to make a difference as a teacher by teaching my students to never be afraid to work. If we teachers are capable of teaching our students the importance of hard work, not one of our students will be afraid to enter the workforce, start at the bottom and work their way up. What a difference this would make. I want to be the light in one of my student’s lives. I want to make a difference.

I am aware that at times making a difference may seem overwhelming, but I promise to stand steadfast and not let the negative attitudes of other bring about a feeling of hopelessness to my works. I will make a difference! And hopefully, one unexpected day a student will return and say, “You made a difference for me”! (conclusion, bringing the story to a full circle w/ story)

~Mrs. Stroebel

Friday, September 4, 2009


So, last night I was innocently sitting in my mother's house when all of the sudden I hear my name faintly being yelled. Curious to see who was needing my assistance, I ventured out the back door. To my surprise, my little aunt was at the top of the driveway in what seemed to be a state of panic. All I could decipher was, "Get a hoe, and hurry"; the rest of her words seemed like gibberish. Living on the hill the majority of my life, I knew this meant one thing.... rattlesnake! I scurried, I scrambled, I high stepped it, but as my luck would have it, I could not find a hoe. Fortunately, my mother found one. But here is where the story gets tricky! My mother is too soft hearted to kill a snake; my aunt is too afraid; and I, secretly, was too afraid, too. After a quick game of rock-paper-scissors we decided that Liz would do the honor. WOW! What a sight! After a couple of swings and a few near attempts to amputate her legs, Liz finally made contact. Proud of her success we all gather around to see the damage. In fact, Liz had made great contact; she managed to cut the tip end of the snake off. So now we have an injured rattlesnake and three worthless women. Like something you see from a science-fiction movie, Liz raises the hoe one last time and captures the snake. The snake is pinned down, but it is still alive and still striking! I act fast. Without thinking I barge into our neighbor's house without knocking (the name will remain anonymous to protect the innocent). Well, to my embarrassment, the gentleman that we were hoping would come and save us was sitting in his e-z chair.... in his underwear!! (I knew I should have knocked!) He explains that he will be right there, "after he gets his pants on!" After what seemed like hours, the "Pantless hero" kills the snake. We all gather around and take a peek. That poor snake; he was MAYBE... ten inches long and would have had one rattler, if Liz had not cut it off! But, as they say in rural areas, baby rattlers are as poisonous as big ones. So, if you ever hear your name being called, and someone asking you to get a hoe, make sure you have a sharp hoe.... and ALWAYS knock before entering!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

One week down.... 35 to go!!

Whew....We have finally finished the first week of school. Although there were only five days, it seemed like it went on and on forever. I have really neat classes this year and I am excited to see what we accomplish in the next 175 days. In my Speech class we are creating blogs, thus the reason I am creating one. The students are going to document the activities that are going on here at SHS and other events in their lives as well as breaking news around the World. Hopefully this will provide the students with a journal that will carry on for many years. At the end of the year we are going to print them out so they will have a souvenir from their 10th grade year. I think/hope it will be a neat assignment; wouldn't you love to be able to look back and relive some of your high school memories, or maybe delete some : )! I encourage everyone to check back on us and comment as you wish. We are having a contest to see who can lure in the most followers. I am sure the kids will beat me by a million.... but I am going to try to give them a run for their $!